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  • 102

    Adapted desk measuring 42" wide by 24" deep with 3 built-in compartments, 4" each.

    23" clearance for child's seat.

    Adjustable legs from 17" to 27" high with quick-release handles.

    Removable 22" shelf.

  • 103

    Adapted desk mesuring 24" x 35" with 17" x 8" deep half-moon opening.

    2 lockers, 5" by 10", integrated under the desk to providing 22 inches of clearance for the child's seat.

    Tilting top with lever system.

    Adjustable legs from 24" to 34".

  • 104

    Adapted desk 46" x 22" deep with 2 drawers and lip.

    Adjustable legs from 24" to 34".

    Sides of the desk full.

  • 105

    Adapted desk, 28" x 24", in 3 sections with lip.

    6" wide sliding drawer.

    Sliding and retractable 10" wide shelf.

    With lip.

    Main section tilts up to 60 degrees.

    Adjustable legs, 24" to 34".

    Total width 44".

  • 106

    Overall dimensions: 24 by 37 inches.

    18" keyboard shelf.

    6" x 12" external sliding crate.

    12" wide X 6" high interior drawer.

    Adjustable legs from 24" to 34".

    Tilting section with 3-sided rim and top handles for easy handling.

  • 107

    Overall dimensions: 24" x 37".

    Central drawer 18" x 4" high.

    Left drawer: 12" x 6" high.

    12" x 6" sliding exterior locker (top opening).

    Adjustable legs, 24" x 34".

  • 108

    Overall dimensions: 22" x 54".

    Right-hand reclining section: 20" x 18" high.

    Lever/support mechanism with magnetic strip on top.

    Built-in right-hand bookcase (for enlarged books) with dividers 12" wide x 18" long x 7" high.

    Left-hand retractable shelf, 10" x 24" deep, with edges on 3 sides.


Deburring for trunk

It's important to specify the width and depth of the curve if you wish to have it.

Custom made

Over the past few years, we've built a number of custom-designed desks to meet specific customer requirements.
See the options available on the different models (adjustable legs, lever support mechanisms, retractable racks and shelves, trunk recess, maximum extension drawer and/or shelves...).

These models are for guidance only. Desks are made to individual specifications.

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