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Inspired by the ÉBÉNAC chair, here's the ÉBÉNAC table.
Now sturdier and stronger, just as easy to adjust.
Natural color. Ergonomic handles for easy adjustment.


ÉBÉNAC standard table

ÉBÉNAC intermediate table

Image Table ÉBÉNAC
Dimensions 48 cm X 62 cm ( 19" X 24.5") 61 cm X 63.5 cm (24" X 25").
Ajustable 21 cm X 48 cm (8.5" to 19") 38 cm X 84 cm (15" X 33")
Overall table height 55 cm (21.5") 89 cm (35")
Number of adjustment handles 4 handles 4 handles


Tilting top

  • Table-mounted tilting top available.
  • Bottom edge border and top handles available.

Deburring for trunk

  • It's important to specify the width and depth of the curve if you wish to have it.

Magnetized surface

  • A magnetic, erasable surface can be added to the tilting surface.

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